BLOODS & CRIPS - No Way Out Lyrics

Yo, there was this Crip, Crip, Crip ended up more cripple than handy man
Went hoo-ridin' and know who's hidin' in a minivan
Surrounded by the sick
Niggas count to four and E-Rickets
Out the fuckin' door and
All the time now I'ma wreck the fly shit
Crabs - steady - screamin' oh my it hurts
Please don't put the gun to my ear
I do anything you want say anything you wanna hear
Say fuck Crabs now
I might let you live
Baby Sick got something for you
Should I tell you what it is
What the Piru like
You better tell it fast
Unless you want a rose up your dead funky ass
Wass happenin' Blood? If you say Crab I say killa
Fool, I'm bangin' 24-7 now will the
Niggas with heart - to be one of the few
Tell that dusty-ass Crabs
Just what they should do
Baby Sick said let 'em hear a pop
Drop the Crab - grab the Glock
Boo boo flag and bhakis got flamed up no doubt
The Crab lost his life cause there's never
No way out

Here we go again
Doin' shit just to get paid
Gettin' rough, rugged through blue that you can't fade
Play the B-Side, the C-Side is wack
Gettin' busy with the K gang
Now you know where I stay at
Hey Mr. Do Or Die I saw you mackin' to my hoe
But see it was a setup
So I can pull a do-low
Sit your ass up got my niggas like I should
So I call the homie Bone
Yo there's Crabs in the hood
But he got away cause he ran
Through ?? pass Woodworth
Now he's goin' down 1-0-4

[RED RAG a.k.a BIG WY]
Once again it's the Dallas mafioso
The only times I like Crabs when I'm eatin' on gumbo
It's different types of Crabs like the ones that make ya - itch
Tha shit you get
For fuckin' a Ricket bitch
Mess with funky cock trip with no C's
Swap Meet shop on County check recipient
I'm creepin' through the hood like Freddy Krueger your worst dream
When I leave
Your hood is a crime scene
Remember that peace shit don't bring it to the Bottomsville
Like Seven Up never had it - never will
Please M gang everybody is peacin' and the Mafia's peacin'
Niggas you tweakin'
Run run Rickets keep on the hidin'
I'm Red Rag and I'm keep on ridin' no way out

[REDRUM 781]
I keep on ridin' with the strap in my lap
You're fuckin' around and I'll be poppin' hollow point caps
I'm pointin' that niggas snaps on the back of they skull
Blowin' up your hand cause your gang sign is dull
And I've got love for the 'Ru's
The Bloods are included Redrum 7-8-1 Crabs are deluted
My Gathors givin' a kick
Much harder than a push
You fuck with my bitch so you get caught up in my ambush
Work up back to me to givin' a blast
As soon as his Crab-ass party I have to crash
I dash - to the cut
Grab the Gats so I can end them
The Crab motherfuckers want no what hit them
Now, I'm creepin' through the alley like a shadow ready for battle
The backyard is pack with
People like some cattle
The Ricket nigga thought that I was playin'
So I hopped on the walls and start to sprayin'
Aimin' for the door waitin' for the Crab to bum rush
For the head turnin' brains into slush
Payback's the bitch, Blood that's what I'm about
And when I'm on your ass nigga, it ain't no motherfuckin' way out

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