BLOODS & CRIPS - C-Sick Lyrics

[REDRUM 781]
Crabs can't fade this because I made this to be stainless
The mind is a terrible thing to waste so I leave you brainless
The shit that I do makes me famous
Say my name before you die
And I'll make your death painless
My goal is your muthafuckin' throat
The adams apple would be slit by my cross bow
I throw low blows enough and I cuts like a Ginsu
You wanna hoo-ride, do you know what you're gettin' into?
I don't think so I grab your hoe and hit the door
Nuthin' but Crabs stranded on Death Row
The L to the B blockin' out the third letter (¢)
Before I put a slug in the center of your sweater
Drop dogs like ?? dogs ?? close
Ricket so runnin' up before I hold up my strap
And they're froze
No one knows - of my homicidal capacity
I'm a pretty boy with the gangsta mentality
Hey, what can I say?
I let my Uzi do the talkin' and I spray
It's just another muthafuckin' C-K
Cowards Run In Pack so they take off
Their caskets will be close cause I blew his fuckin' face off

They all gettin' C-sick
Them DENVER LANES and they all gettin' C-sick"

Well I guess I'm a gangsta
You probably know me by now
But the way that I look when I'm starin' Rickets down
I gotta stroll
I got so homies that's old they OG's
My niggas packin' bank rolls
When I step up I make Rickets run and hide
Committin' suicide - just survival homicide
Derange maniac mind of a lunatic
So damn nuts I go hunt with the toothpick
Cause I remember back to my early years
Step punk (pop pop) fuck the Crab and we outta there
We use to do that shit again again
Kick out the door, say hello to my little friend
Gimme the money, the gat and we ready to go
We outta here, yo Dogg, grab the yayo
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt
But nigga tried be hard, pull a gat outta shirt
My nigga Dogg
Poppin' one dead in they forehead
Stomp his ass as we watch his head bled
You see a man fucked up for all and y'all
Pump they ass like a muthafuckin' holocaust
As we gon' blow in their ass like whistles
Pumpin' they ass full of lead like pencils
We outta there after that the shit we did
My nigga Dog said don't fuck with the "kid", we on the rampage

My muthafuckin' Loco and Big Wak it's gettin' C-sick
My homie Pops and my nigga gettin' C-sick"

I'm gettin' C-sick
I roll through the neighborhood
A nigga with a problem
A nigga up to no good
Take niggas out with the fury of the trigga
Have Crabs pourin' out beer for some more nigga
Give 'em buck about the nigga and his homie
So I creep, pop pop, what my brother told me
Me take a nigga out muthafuck' retaliate
Roll on the ?? then I hit the Main Street
Roll through the West Side to pick some real niggas up
The homie G-Ride, Spook Dog and my nigga Nutt
Five Line ?? niggas ain't for that peace shit
You wanna peace something? Piece your ass back together bitch
The AK-47 mixed with the maniac
Straight Crab crusher, kill a Ricket, niggas on that
So as I creep Crab niggas better drop quick
Cause I got the 9 and a Deuce and I'm C-sick

"Yeah, we give a shot-outs
To all them gangsta-ass niggas that's gettin' C-sick
Yeah, one by one check it out
East Side BOUNTY HUNTER niggas is gettin' C-sick
West Side M Gang, they all gettin' C-sick
East Side MILLER GANGSTAS, you know they gettin' C-sick
Them WEIRDO Gang and they all gettin' C-sick
NINE-DUECE BE-BOPP WATTS niggas they gettin' C-sick
C-P-B's and they all gettin' C-sick
Yeah, LUEDERS PARK PIRU niggas are gettin' C-sick
Them A-P-G's and they all gettin' C-sick
Yeah nigga, what about that West Side A-P-B nigga they gettin' C-sick
The INGLEWOOD FAMILY and they all gettin' C-sick "

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