Big L - School Days Lyrics

Ay yo Rookie, is a game that a fool plays
Im sitting here reminiscin bout my school days
Ay yo I used to go mad fresh
Scoop the chick, stupid prick, gettin' digits and the address
Yo they was jockin, cause I was clockin fast cash
I slid a chick everyday after last class
Strictly a sex thang
Let me explain
I hit 'em up, get 'em up, and put 'em on the next train
My trademark was black glasses
I cut the wack classes
Then slide off with some cutie pies with fat (hey)
Yo all the fellas was amazed
By the way I was mackin females in my school days

[Chorus: x4]
Yes yes yall (here we go, here we go)

Ay yo the school always do, A whole bunch rhymes
Thats why it was battles everyday at lunch time
A brother battled me once it was plain wack
I played him so bad he left school and never came back
And in the lunchroom it was a Big L thing
I made so much noise that you could'nt hear the bell ring
One of us closed the do's,to the top I rose
And got props when I rocked the school talent shows
My opponents got scarred fast
Thats why everytime they see me they did the hundred yard dash
I left MCs and they whole crew phased
Yea, thats how I did it in my school days


When I first got inside high school, I wasnt known
I rolled alone but I held my own
I was a freshman, in other words a new jack
When you mentioned Big L, brothers was like "Who's that?!"
Then I made the master plan
Know I got a batch of fans
And when you mention my name now- "oh thats my man"
Just see how
Its all about me now
All the girls scream owww
When I drop freestyles
When I roll the whole crews on the scenery
So those who envy me
Cant do a thing to me
I used to move alone now my crews fat
I went from a new jack
To a new mack, thats true black
Who ate rappers like sufflays
I came off like toupees
Yea, thats how I did it in my school days

Thanks to Jose Casado for these lyrics

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