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Snoop Dogg - Real Talk (R.I.P. Tookie) Lyrics

Yo felly wat up

Two in da morning while u yawnin I jump out my bed
limewire we fire at yo motha fuckin head
You betta duck, left u stuck, full it struck
Homie, wat, nigga, wat, wat, wat, wat, wat, wat, wat
Dope fiends need dope like y'all need air to breathe
And every hussla on the corner needs cheese
If y'all want dat get your throwback
Pull your braids out and roll yo fro back
Just like dat
I bend it slow, let me tell u wat I'm in it fo
Sorta like a mineral, but I'm more than a general
No longer a criminal, me an Tookie Williams for real
We were identical, he took me to the pinnacle
And they wanna know how I feel about the governor,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, (he's a nice guy, I love him)
Yeah whatever

So I'ma spread tha word now that my OG is free as a bird
U heard wat I said; u thought that he was betta off dead
But his teachings and doctrines is wat I'ma spread
I love leading those, who love to be led
And I love feeding those, who wanna be fed
So stand in line and get your tickets
Ain't no wine and no bread
It's just lines and new rhymes about the crimes that I did
If u doin it big, u gotta handle yo biz, and in the memory of
We go educate the kids
Sangfroid that's the word and the lesson
For those unaware that means I'm calm under pressure

Teacher, teacher, could u please kick some old skool rhymes?
Can u show them you've not forgotten where you've come from... ok

La-di-da-di, listen everybody
We do cause trouble, and we shoot up da party
We got just some niggas from the LBC
Fuck a nigga up quick
On some dangerous shit
Now for real, for real, we go the Beverly Hills
And do a couple of licks, till I stack me some bricks
And we will not quit, until we see fit
Schwarzeneggers a straight up bitch
But let me stay on course, I don't mean to drift
Cuz the scene is shift, we stay mean wit dis
Crispy clean wit dis, I'ma da OG as u seen wit dis
Keep a bad as bitch on some gangsta shit

Uuhuuh, Uuhuuh, Snoop Dogg, could u please
kick somethin 4 da ladies cuz u always forget about us
...okay check dis out baby

I had a stripper used to tip her her name was chanelle
She used to bring me money when I was locked up in jail
And when I got out, I was goin wit her everywhere
She understood me girl yeah she was wat a player
I didn't have to press it; never eva had to stress it
And every time I think about it, damn it's a blessin'
And I'm confessin', and I'm addressin'
All the ladies who love to love a real man
Do ya damn thang, don't be embarrassed
That's the truest form of love when it's at its purest
Don't have to second guess it, cuz tha S N double O
Is lookin 4 a real woman, not no ditty hoe

Ha-ha-ha, silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
You're just a BEYATCH!

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