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Vybz Kartel - Nuh War Wid Knife Lyrics

(feat. Movado)

[Intro: Vybz]
Bad man nuh fight like Latoy
A teacher an the Real Mackoy

[Chorus: Movado]
Gangsta's nuh war wid knife
only k's and 45
diss mi an wi tek whey yuh life
nuh war wid knife
only k's an 45
diss mi an wi tek whey yuh life

[Verse 1: Vybz]
bumbohole!! mi squeeze trigga like breast
pussy rest mi run baddestness,yea
dress up inna vest fi yes nuh tek check
coppa chop chop him up like chicken a best dress
jus a likkle bloody neck lef wid a necklace
on yuh mark get set when di teck take set
RRRRRR!! my bulldog nuh pet fi check vet
who test, mi mek dead mi press yuh get wet
a gully mi war prep yuh rep

[Verse 2: Vybz]
gunshot a nail up yuh body tiki tiki tiki like zinc
watch it wid yuh bird gun wha a guy a tink?
when di one eye shotgun mek di slug wink
boat dock,plane land,sub sink
all hell bruck loose kartel an movado a link
wha yuh tink likkle chink killa say fi watch di pink
yea! SLR bullet dem long like a pen
bwoy blood run my murder ink!!!

[Verse 3: Vybz]
Hey third verse the killin get worse
step inna di clinic head open like purse
kidnapp the nurse di docta skull burst
any man first curse dem lip a go reverse
fling bomb pon di alter boom up the church
shoot up a squady pon patrol a search
shot a go a big yawd nuh di one roun a burch
a fox lane whey mek eagle perch!!!

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