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Papoose - Mind Body & Soul Lyrics

Put It On The Line
Lets Go

Yea, Before You Can Help Somebody
Man You Gotta Help Yourself
It's Called Self-Preservation
Got This Shit Down To A Science Man
Check It Out

Mind Body And Soul
Mind-He Can Control You Mentally
Body-He Can Tell You What To Do Physically
Soul-Only God Control You Spirutally
So You Bust Guns Smoke Weed Drink Hennessy
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Take A Look At Him Vividly
You Lookin At Your Own Worst Enemy
Put It On The Line

When You Alone, Everybody Talk To Theyself
Sometimes Its The Only Way To Get Across To Yourself
You Ever Wanted To Do Somethin But Thought To Yourself
Or Didn't Wanna Do Somethin But Forcin Yourself
You Ever Did Somethin Good And Been Glad For Yourself
Or Did Somethin Fucked Up So You Mad At Yourself
Thought About Somethin Funny And Laughed To Yourself
Or Kept That To Yourself
You Ever Met Another Person
Who Reminded You In The Past Of Yourself
Why Y'all So Much Alike You Askin Yourself
Y'all So Much Alike Y'all Clash Cause It Felt
Like He Was Tryin To Be You When He Act Like Himself
Really Deep Down Inside You Mad At Yourself
Pull The Gun And Blast At Him You Blast At Yourself
Ever Knew Somethin Was True And Then Nodded To Yourself
Cause You Can't Take The Truth Stop Lyin To Yourself

Its Like The Mind Fight The Heart
Some Niggas Mind So Sharp, They Fight What They Feel
And Do The Wise Thing They So Smart
But Other Niggas Do Whats In Their Heart
React Off Emotions They Black Out And Get So Dark
They Hold It In And Never Talk
But Get Old And Die Of Heart Attacks
They Get Attacked By Their Own Heart
Some Niggas Get Too Conceited And Fill Theirself
Try To Be Somethin They're Not But Reveal Theirself
Some Niggas Get Insecure They Grill Theirself
Put A Gun To Their Own Head And Kill Theirself
You Ever Found Yourself Lookin Out For Everybody Else
So Much That You Don't Look Out For Yourself
If You A Stick Up Kid Then 'red Drug Deal And Blue'
A Rapper With A Mic Salesman With A Shoe
Don't Let Nothin Get In Your Way Just Do What You Do
Cause The Only Person That Can Stop You Is You

Thats Why I Say Who Am I
You Say What A Stupid Question But Who Am I
Think Before You Start Talkin
You Forgettin Where You Came From
Remind Yourself
Life Is Like A Dictionary
Define Yourself
Are You A Gangsta
Well Lets Define That Word
I'ma Try But It Takes Action To Describe That Word
A Gangsta Takes Care Of Family He's Never Afraid
Death Before Disrespect A Gangsta Is Brave
Are You A Thug
Its Like A Gangsta But More Gully
Money Before Bitches And Honor Before Money
You A Baller
Then You Cop A House Before A Car
Fortune Before Fasion Play Monopoly Y'all
Are You A Rapper
Then You Must Invent Those Songs
They Dont Gotta Like You
But They Gonna Respect Your Boss
I Named My Son Papoose
He Reflectin Me
But He Way Better Than Me
Man Controls His Destiny


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