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Hazell Dean - Sometimes I Forget Lyrics

We squabble and fight, we turn out the light
We toss and turn all through the night
But come the dawn our arms are wrapped around each other tight.
I know i hurt you babe, i didn't mean to make you so upset.
I love you more than i can say,
But sometimes i forget

Sometimes i forget¡­

And when we're apart there's an ache in my heart.
It's been that way right from the start.
Still there are times i neglect to do my part
You know i still remember the first moment that we met.
I love you more and more each day
But sometimes i forget

Sometimes i forget¡­

I wish i understood how it can feel so good
A love that is so sublime
But somehow it just slips my mind.

So let me say this, our love is bliss.
I'd risk a fortune just for your kiss.
And even so, i know i have been remiss.
So all your fears let me allay
You know you have no cause to fret.
My love will never go away
It's just sometimes i forget.

Sometimes i forget¡­

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