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Hazell Dean - How Does This Story End? Lyrics

How does this story end?
I guess we'll have to wait until the final credits roll.
I suppose it will depend on whether two unlikely halves can make a whole.
Or whether something hidden deep inside your soul can survive the heartache that can't help but take its toll.

How does this tale unfold?
Do heroes vanquish foes like days of old.
Is it true all we've been told?
That loyalty is worth much more than gold.
And faith and trust return a thousand fold
And love's forever more once hearts take hold

How does this story end?
Are all the plot lines sealed?
Or just around the bend
Are all these mysteries revealed?
Where does this saga lead
Do we have the faintest clue?
Will fate somehow intercede?
Will i wind up with you?

How does this story end?
In an ivy covered cottage by a waterfall.
Is this all just pretend? or do we both live happy ever after all? and all our hopes and fantasies come true and you'll always love me and i will always love you.
Always love you.

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