Reuben - Oh The Shame Lyrics

staring you out
and wearing you down
yeah it's over now
we can talk about it

the smile in my eyes
s a simple disguise
i have practised now
finding my way around
the things that i've done
and who i've become

and oh the shame

i lie and i cheat
and i've turned my dreams
because i was too afraid

i wish that somehow
i could see now
all the faces i've betrayed

two women in skin
yeah all of my love
oh this isn't something i usually do or i'm proud of

i don't play enough
i'm taking the blame
and oh the shame
oh the shame

oh my god!

there it is
there it is
i said it
i said it

it's just like wetting the bed
shaving my head
and oh the shame

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