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Reuben - No-One Wins The War Lyrics

you try my patience
and i break your outer shell
it's inside the sweetness
but you hide it so well

hell is for heroes
they got another single out
my contemporaries
top 40 smash, no doubt

in times of trouble
i am argumentative
and i know i'll suffer
for as long as i am

and at the first sign of an argument
the first sign of a fight...

i crack under pressure
and my head feels like it explodes
i won't get so angry
just another one of my episodes

when i was younger
it seamed so obvious to me
with all my problems
war-like was how i had to be

but everything's changing
and i find with least exception you
if everything changes
i guess that i do too

it's all lost now
so much has happened
and it's all a mess now
and all i've achieved

and to my shame
and to my discomfort
i (i have never) have never felt so relieved

that you will find me out
yeah you will fimd me out
oh yeah you will find me out
oh yeah you, you will find me out
yeah you will find me out
yeah you will fine me out
yeah you will find me out
yeah you will find me out
yeah, yeah

yeah, i'm ready
at least i'm ready
yeah, i'm ready

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