CLIFF RICHARD - Miss You Nights Lyrics

I've had many timesI can tell youTimes when innocence I'd trade for companyAnd children saw me cryingI thought I'd had my share of thatBut these miss you nightsAre the longestMidnight diamondsStud my heavenSouthward burningLie the jewels that eye my placeAnd the warm windsThat embrace meJst as surely kissed your faceYeah these miss you nightsAre the longestHow I miss youI'm not likely to tellI'm a man and cold day lightBuys the pride I'd rather sellAll my secretsAre wasted affairYou know them wellThinking of my goingHow to cut the threadAnd leave it all behindLooking windward for my compassI take each day as it arrivesBut these miss you nightsAre the longestLay down all thought of your surrenderIt's only me who's killing timeLay down all dreams and themes once rememberedIt's just the sameThis miss you gameYeah these miss you nightsAre the longest

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