Hazell Dean - No Lyrics


I guess it all comes down to whether or not you’re telling me the truth (hmm x 4),
But I can’t help to have my doubts about you cause this thing ain’t new (hmm x 4),
I’ve been through storms and back, made sacrifices just to be with you (hmm x 4),
Now you wanna come back one more time but I’m not even hearing you (hmm x 4),


Cause you gave me nothing but a broken heart,
I think it’s best that we just stay apart,
Every time you’re broke this means you’ll treat me right,
We end up right back where we started out,


I’m saying no,
I don’t wanna be yours anymore and, (No)
I don’t wanna do things like before and, (No)
I don’t wanna believe what you’re saying, (No)
I already know this game we’re playing, (No)
Don’t be calling me five in the morning, (No)
Don’t be sending me gifts anymore and, (No)
Get up out of the game; you ain’t scoring, (No)
I don’t want to be with you

You tell me things have changed and now you know how much you threw away (hmm x 4),
You shoulda realized I’m not about to sit around and wait (hmm x 4),
Getting over you was hard, but now it’s done and i’ma be okay (hmm x 4),
You better get used to the way it is cause it ain’t gon change (hmm x 4),



I don’t wanna know why, (no I don’t wanna know why)
No I ain’t satisfied, (oh oh)
Keep you apology, (keep you apology)
Cause you don’t need me, (No)
No, I don’t need you in my life,
Seriously this time,
This is your ticket to ride,
Better believe it,


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