Hazell Dean - Cross The Line Lyrics

i barely know his name
i know he seems real cool
He aint' about no games
I think i like this dude
but imma play it low
and hope he doesn't see that i
getting kinda comfortable
imma let him know this time

i know you wanna cross the line 2x
but i can't let you
i know you wanna cross the line 2x
but i just met you
make me wanna cross the line 2x
it's official
i ain't gonna cross the line 2x
not even with you

he's pretty sweet on me
he even told me so
and when he touches me
i wanna tell him no
but then he's in my ear
whispering things to me
gotta say stop right here
cause i can't take the heat


your different from the other guys
i ain't even gonna try and lie
it's true we gotta crazy vibe and
your giving me the bedroom eyes
no i don't wanna compromise
cause i know it really won't be right
i know you wanna cross the line
but i don't wanna cross the line


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