Hazell Dean - Busy Lyrics

My cell phone rings, it’s my girl Lorraine,
And that bitch rings, like she’s in pain,
My mood change when she told me why,
I swear I dang near lost my mind,
Her boyfriend apparently forgot their anniversary,
I tried real hard to hold my tongue,
But I’m work and she’s on 1 (one)
Now what,


What you want me to do about it,
That I’m busy now, what you call me for,
If you don’t understand it, then let me break it down,
Don’t wanna hear no more,
It’d be different if you would call me just to say what’s up,
I really don’t have time to be giving advice to you,
Now I’m hanging out, don’t wanna hear you bye,

My candles lit, my music low,
My evening’s free, so I’m in chill mode,
I’m in the tub when my home phone rings,
Well I’m like voicemail do your thing,
They called back twice and I gave in,
Picked up expecting Timbaland,
I said hello, trying to sound real rude,
It was Tina on the line trying to borrow some shoes,
I’m like what,


Kylie, don’t be so mean,
If I’m so mean quit calling me,
You don’t care if I’m doing my thing,
Cause my phone still rings and it bothers me,
It’s an emergency,
Well call the police if it’s really that deep,
I know it’s not really that deep,
So relax yourself and quit harassing me,


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