CLIFF RICHARD - All That Matters Lyrics

The love in you and the love in me, is all that mattersAll the rest is vanityThat time will shatterThe only treasure in the life we live, is the measure of the love we giveAll that matters in the end will beThe love in you and the love in me, that's all that mattersEvery heart must change it's shapeTo fit the space a lifetime makesSome regrets and some mistakesWe touch happiness but we can't hold herFeelings come and then disappearI know the laughter, I've cried those tearsI should know better after all these yearsBut I'm no wiser, I'm just olderIt's all a question of priorityWe've got so much that we just don't needBut if it ain't got love then it's luxuryWe can learn to live without it

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