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Levi Stubbs - Suppertime: Movie Version Lyrics

(An axe murderer)
He's got your number now.
(I saw everything)
He knows just what you've done.
(Everything you did to her boyfriend)
You've got no place to hide.
(I saw you chopping him)
You've got nowhere to run.
(It's true, I chopped him up but I didn't kill him)
He knows your life of crime.
(Tell it to the police!)
I think it's suppertime!

Come on, Come on
Think about all those offers!
Come on, Come on
Your future with Audrey!
Come on, Come on
Ain't no time to turn squeemish!
C-C-C-Come on!
I swear on all my spores
When he's gone the world will be yours.
Yours! Yeah, yeah yeah....

Come on, Come on...
Come on, Come on...
Come on, Come on...
It's suppertime...
It's suppertime...

Come on, (You know Krelborn,)
Come on... (it kills me doing this)
Come on, (But considering,)
Come on... (you're almost like a son to me)
Come on, (I'm thinking,)
Come on... (maybe we don't have to go to the police)
Come on, (We don't?)
Come on...(I'm thinking,)
Come on, (what if I kept my mouth shut,)
Come on... (and gave you a one-way ticket out of town)
It's suppertime (You'd do that sir?)

Come on,
Come on.... (You good lay low for a while,)
Come on, (say thirty or forty years,)
Come on... (meanwhile,)
Come on, (I would keep the plant)
Come on... (Yes?)
It's suppertime (Of course,)

Come on, (you'd have to give me,)
Come on... (your secret gardening tips,)
Come on, (but then,)
Come on... (if you'd rather hang?)
Come on,
Come on...
Come on,
Come on...
Come on,
Come on... (What do I have to do?)
It's suppertime (Just feed it)

Come on,
Come on... (Just feed it what?)

Come on,
Come on... (Minerals)
Come on, (Yes?)
Come on... (Thursdays,)
Come on, (you should give it,)
Come on... (water)
It's suppertime

Come on, (But whatever you do)
Come on... (Yes?)
It's suppertime (But whatever you do,)
It's suppertime (whatever you do)

(What the hell is?)
(Wait, wait, ow! Oh!)



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