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Headchange - A Murderous Affair Lyrics

My ears are bleeding, from the lies
that you've told
Go medicate it

Now you wonder why, we left you
dead along the way
Let it go

Step back, take a look outside your box
It's not always accountable to fault
So pick the pieces up and let it go
I already know...
It's hard enough to live without it
live without your love

My back is breaking, from the bend
and the fold
Not sympathetic

Now, you run away, it's time to face
what haunts you

Misguided trust, dreams into dust
Fate has a way to disappear

You can't take it
You won't make it
You can't blame me it's not my fault

You can't blame anyone
So blame yourself

I dare you to put your fist up
it's been a long time coming

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