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Headchange - July's Never Cold Lyrics Lyrics

Look around and see what you're missing.
Look around.
(The bed where you lay is no place you can stay.
You took the blame straight to the vein.
Life is a bitch but it is what it is.
Get up, get out).

Tell me why, the battle call cried.
Tell me why, you always make me finish what you've started.
(Fix what you have broken).
Don't tell me you're not scared.
Don't act like you don't care, when it's obvious there's tension building in the air.

While holding out my hand, a bridge burned down again.
(Get up, Get out).
We've fallen down so many times it's pitiful.
Get up; brush off your long coat tail.
We've all been set up to fail, on this cold night in July.

Oh here we go again.
And it's not alright.
I've seen this far too many times.

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