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Headchange - Second Hand P*n Lyrics Lyrics

Come closer, so you can hear me clearer.
You played this game all by yourself, and no one else, so I'll reply.

This is my letter to you.
It's coming straight from the heart.
Bet your bottom dollar that it won't get you very far.
'Cause the idle mind is the devil's playground and we all know that what goes around comes around.
'Cause I can see you, see right through you, to the other side where the grass isn't always greener.
Well the best advice to give to the rejected, is to know when you're not wanted.

Better off, better off behind you.
I can see every move you make.
(Better not, better not reply to these letters addressed to whom it may concern).
Better off, I'm better off without you.

And so it burns again, another candle at both ends.
But friend we'd still pretend like nothing had ever happened.
If I could take this knife out of my back, I would.
But the wounds are way too deep and the cuts continue to bleed.
No salt or remedy will ever heal anything, 'cause I can't forgive and I can't forget.
I guess I'll have to accept that I'm....

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