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3RD BASS - Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball Lyrics

[mc serch singing throughout]But my balls itch!! *laughter*Oooooooooh!Dedicated to my man, pete nice, knahmsayin? *laughter*Oahhhh I got.. ha hahahah! *uncontrollable laughter*Oahhhhhhh, when I was a little babyLittle baby boy, hooooh!A little itty bitty baby boyI was blessed with soul.. *more laughter as the beat stops*This is def, hoooooh!Mmmmmmmm..This goes, this goes backThis takes me back to 1940's, when I was a little baby downIn new orleans sittin on kevin reynold's lapAnd he said to me, son you've got so much soul..You've.. hooooh you've got, soul comin out your ass *laughter*Now peep this, see..You've gotta take this back down southOh I'm buggin, I'm flippinHahahahaha, huh, flippin right? Now see you, got to understand where this is comin fromLittle white boy, down southNo motherfuckin white people aroundAnd they said to me, they said, white boy! *laughter*You've got a whole, mess of soulThey said, white boy!You gonna grow up, to have so much soulA little little itty bitty baby boy!Ha hah.. oh shit!Hohhhhhh, you've got soulWay down in your little itty bitty baby toesYou got soul..You've got so much soul it's comin out your asshole!Whohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhle mess of soulThey said, kevin! when you grow upGonna work with a lot of white people think they're black!*laughter*They said, oahhhhhh, kevin boy!When you grow up, you gonna go to the big cityMeet a, man named peterGonna look like a white boy but he's a def mcHe got soul.. comin out his asshole!

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