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3RD BASS - Derelicts Of Dialect Lyrics

[pete nice]Never had a wasted mind, had the timeErectin rhyme I cause gifted linesThe flows I knows puts the papers in pocketsSwings of things, observed in my socketsIn ten spot I got stacks of lp waxCouderoy slacks, loops and sales taxOn the racks but my label is derelictSpic-n-span I slam, it's balls you lickIll missions, but doin us ain't even simpleStereotype the rhymer as a criminalSubliminal I put a noose on the necksThe sinister signs of my rhymes is sex..[mc serch]Smooth, set-up so slickAs I set to move, all the great massesAsses bounce to track that is all inI'm droppin my quarter, I'm placin my call inTo my crew that's down with the street trendsPlay around and you'll fall off the deep endI heard your hooker she likes to do knee-bendsBut I got a girl, so I called up three friendsAnd they called three friends (and I called three friends)And so on, and so on, and so on..So go on my path, and try to followBut not step for step, cause I like to sidestepYou'll get swept like a broom and you'll make room for daddyWhite boy in new york and I can't get a cab gSo take me to my rest so I guess I'll get wreckedCause I'm a derelict of dialect..[pete nice]Dialect spoken, in sectional lessonThe less you know, the more you gotta guess onI press on point, some sweat my jizznointPlayin themselves with the fingers the pointI speak slow, I carry a fat stickGet your kneepads and reapply your chapstickStep to this, as the derelict reanimatesNo jim hat as my mouth ejaculatesI stays mumble, I speaks jumblePhonetics on phonograph'll prime your petrolRetroactive, my knot scale is tipped offI rip the head off, the derelict stepped offAnd left to show this, to those who typecastIll the rhyme-ass trickster or outcastOf intellect, I wreck shit with my own sectThe ace in the hole, I'm the derelict of dialect..[mc serch]3rd bass, but not a bass for slidinFoundation, for a nation who's mind isIn motion, goin in fluidWho did you just distrust? it's serch and I crush thisMental need for oppressionOppressed and all vexed and just placed a suggestionLesson or loss enforce those inA spot who got your head frozenDefrost the eye and spy on the serpentOn act two, he tried to close curtainBut intermission I glimpsed and I clock moreDerelicts watch act three and the encore..Individuals who are never satisfied with the static standardsSet by the masses -- the masses have always been lethargicThey have always opposed greatness for it is beyond themTo even.. comprehend greatness

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