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Yoko Kanno - Black Coffee Lyrics Lyrics

One, two, three, four.)

(Okay, we're still going, and it's, uh, number... four-zero-two-seven.)

Him: Won't you please have some coffee with me?

Her: No.

Him: Just some tea or something like that?

Her: Nnn-no!

Him: Aw, c'mon, just this time...

Her: Nnnnnnn-o!

(Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!)

Him: Aw, c'mon, just some coffee together?

Her: Nnno.

Him: Oh, please! Just this once, for me?

Her: Nnnno!

Him: Aw, it would be so nice to have some coffee together. PLEASE? Aw, c'mon!

Her: No!

(That's a pretty nice take.)

*NOTE: This 'song' is spoken words, a conversation between
2 unidentified voices, one male (him), one female (her).

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