3RD BASS - Brooklyn-queens Lyrics

* daddy rich scratches brooklyn! ** 3 bars of drum beats ** daddy rich scratches brooklyn! *Verse one: mc serchReal cool.. cause brooklyn's cool!Friday doin the last day of schoolGirls steppin to the mall to swingSettin up dollars for their summer flingCars on the avenue create gridlockAnd there's girls like mad at the bus stopNot waitin on the bus, but waitin on the cash flowFellas are laughin, gassin the past hoeGirl steps to me and pushes issueThat knot you got, is that money or tissue? Feelin on the bulge, thinkin it's her ownI tell her that it's money and she should move onShe says she's pure from legs to her thighsAnd we should talk over some chinese and friesI tell her to step, but hey that's the sceneCause she ain't nothin.. but a brooklyn queenChorus: repeat 2xWe are looking for 'brooklyn'..We are looking for the.. brooklyn-queens!Verse two: pete niceState the rhyme, borough of brooklynOtherwise known as crooklynFreaks fortify flesh with goldEars hang trunk, in a slave holdWalk past, don't get the time of dayPlayed like suede, on a summer swayConversated, till I made her laughSaid, I'm pete nice.. you want my autograph? Oval office closed as she heard thisShe said, from 3rd bass? I could do thisListen closely, slowly took a swig of intoxicantsCause the brooklyn queen's a gold diggerChorus (2x)Verse three: mc serchSquared away.. with my digits and tonight's plansWhen I feel a crab grab my right handSlapped her on the back, tried to calm herAsking her, now what's the reason for the drama? Her next move was straight out of textbookHaven't we met before? giving me a sex lookYo wisdom, your lyrics are in bad tasteSo I'm forced to give you nothing but the gas faceYou better go, for hoppin on the cab or busCause you're downtown and you're simply too fabulousBut get this, ain't this a humdinger? She stepped to a retard sportin a four-finger ringSomewhere in the skin tight jeansI'm gonna scoop the best of the brooklyn-queensChorusVerse four: pete niceLast exit to brooklyn I enterCarefully the queen holds my scepterGettin numb like a derelict on scotchI'm dick lewis, cause baby I'm watchin youScheme on a brother for a knotTo choose between the have and the have-notDo you doubt the shade of vanilla? I'll play elvis and you play priscillaOh he's no hero, better yet billy deeAdvertise cheap liqour for a feeA brooklyn queen, rushes russell simmonsThat's like tyson rushin givensChorus (2x)* daddy rich scratches brooklyn! repeatedly over drum beat ** 3rd bass says 'brooklyn-queens' (3x) *[mc serch] who's on prince paul's cactus? 'brooklyn-queens'[mc serch] hahaha, yeah check it out'brooklyn-queens'Yo, 'brooklyn-queens'* daddy rich keeps scratchin *

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