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Stephen Kellogg - 4th Street Moon Lyrics Lyrics

The sun goes down and there goes the moon
Another little town from the post war boom
I chase the songbird that I can never find
When I first heard Otis Redding I just kissed that one goodbye

4th Street Moon
Can you tell me, will this all work out OK?
With a promise to return and a baby on the way
Does this sound like someone you could save?
4th Street Moon

Acquaintances I meet here, well they mostly seem polite
But acquaintances aren't family when you're hurting in the night
I know I missed your birthday but it was not my fault
I was running out of money, but by now you've heard them all

4th Street Moon
Can you tell me, how did I end up this way?
With these flowering excuses in a nearly gone bouquet
Does that sound like someone you could save?

I know that you don't need to think about me anymore
And I hope that you won't feel sadder then you did before
When you were with me you felt so bad
That child is the ring you never had

There's an ache in my chest that I cannot get gone
So I chase it into another woman's arms
As we lay down in the lightning, I dream about you still
I thought of coming home but I probably never will

4th Street Moon
Can you help me, make this all just be OK?
Is there a penance you could offer or a prayer that you could say?
Do I sound like someone you could save?
4th Street Moon

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