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Chelo - Un Corazon Lyrics Lyrics

Whats the deal with this world today?
Whats with all the war and all of the hate?
Dont even wanna turn on the TV
Cuz all I see are stories of negativity
But if I walk out in my neighborhood
I know my people be tryin to do good
And its the same all over the world
So crank up your stereo y cantalo conmigo

Hey! Lets do it right
Hands in the air, wave em side to side
Get up, stand up, we dont have to fight
Rumba macumba melao tonight
Hey! Una nacion
El sentimiento se hace cancion
Mano a mano en un mismo amor
Hoy somos un solo Corazon

Blow them horns, lemme hear them even more
Levanta la mano for peace, harmony and love
From PR to Japan and back again
Let me hear you all at once, let me hear you scream
All we have is one heart and one love
Lets come together people all around the world
En la union esta la fuerza escuchalo
So crank it up more, somos un solo Corazon


Santa Maria
Libranos de todo mal
Y amparanos Senora
De este gran rumbon mundial


Hoy la unión se convierte en canción
No Importa la raza o la religión,
Y que tenemos en común un corazón,
Soy portavoz de la paz , mensajero de la nación



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