3RD BASS - Al'z A-b-cee'z Lyrics

[alan]A-b-c-d-e(wait, alan,May I interest you in coming over to the giggenbush wit me? )No no no, dis is my spotDon't try and steal my spotA - a is for the atrocious acts that you abominated and committedA is also for ass, ate nine, eight seven and sixB b bB is for your belligerent bitchy bottomous state of affairs bad bwoyC is for the cantankerous condition of your characterYou have no cutoutD is for the downright dastardly deeds that you do, dummyDespite your degradations, +dialect+ distributed by disc$12.95 for record and $10.95 for tapeE - e is for the everlasting thorn in my fleshF is for flesh itself - fuck you!G - get out my houseH - homerI - idiotJ - jackoffKing, king kAlan king of my castleL is for the locquacious letter I'm about to lacerate your fatass witM - my, my, my, my, my sonAlan are you mad? the question is noN - n is for new york cityO - oh o, oh noYou mean o oppression? ostrich-sized oppressionP - the plague that plagued our family name bitch!Q - quoteDon't you question your quacky quagmire within your intelligence quotient? UnquoteR r, r - you mean r r, are you ready? Rash ravager, rudeness, unruly rambunctious ricketyRough, rest {*snores*} resumeS - shitty, savage sacred - you suckerT t t - you wan tea bwoy? wake up and smell da coffee!U - you will never understandV - vamoose, you vicious verminW w {*crying*} w is for the tears.. you make me weptX, x - x amount of times I tell youYou could have gone to xavier to study the xylophoneY? i don't knowZ is for zany, picture perfect like zenithZ is for zoom, ok, clock z's

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