Cat Stevens - Trouble Lyrics

TroubleOh trouble set me freeI have seen your faceAnd it's too much too much for meTroubleOh trouble can't you seeYou're eating my heart awayAnd there's nothing much left of meI've drunk your wineYou have made your world mineSo won't you be fairSo won't you be fairI don't want no more of youSo won't you be kind to meJust let me go whereI'll have to go thereTroubleOh trouble move awayI have seen your faceAnd it's too much for me todayTroubleOh trouble can't you seeYou have made me a wreckNow won't you leave me in my miseryI've seen your eyesAnd I can see death's disguiseHangin' on meHangin' on meI'm beat, I'm tornShattered and tossed and wornToo shocking to seeToo shocking to seeTroubleOh trouble move from meI have paid my debtNow won't you leave me in my miseryTroubleOh trouble please be kindI don't want no fightAnd I haven't got a lot of time

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