Cat Stevens - O Caritas Lyrics

Hunc ornatum mundiNolo perdereVideo flagrareOmnia resAudio clamareHominesNune extinguiturMund(I) et astrorum lamenNune concipiturMali hominis crimenTristetat(e) et lacrimisGravis est dolorDe terraeque maribusMagnus est clamorO caritas, o caritasNobis semper sit amorMos perituri mortem salutamusSola resurgit vitaAh, this world is burning fastOh, the world will never lastI don't want to lost it here in my timeGive me time forever here in my time.Translation of latin:(I don't want to lose the harmony of the universeI see all things... burning, I hear men... shouting.Now is the light of the world and the stars going outNow does the blame for the disaster fall upon men.Grief is heavy with sadness and tearsGreat is the noise from the earth and the seasO love, o love be with us always.We who will perish salute death. life alone goes on.)

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