Coles Whalen - The Getting Side Lyrics

Baby blues when you look my way
I don’t want to roam no I want to stay
I never thought a boy could be
Enough to make a good girl out of me
But I want ya I’ve got to have ya Right now

Flash your smile baby wink your eye
You make me laugh and you can make me cry
I never saw a face so fine
I’d beg and please just to make it mine
But I want you I’ve got to have ya Right now


Oh baby please don’t make me wait not for another day not for another night
These feelings are throwing me down ya they’re pushing me round in a hopeless fight
And I’m not trying to take something not on the line
But if you’re giving your love make sure that it’s me on the getting’ side

Like a candle under a flame
I’m melting away when you say my name
Ruler of hearts up upon your throne
I’ll be you paige baby just take me home
Cause I want ya I’ve got to have ya Right now


Oh ya baby cause there’s no need to hide away from this
Feeling don’t you want to stay in this
Reeling crazy state of love Don’t you want to rise above
We could go there together baby hang on tight to my love


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