Jon Young - aint no playa Lyrics

you probably think im some playa
You know what im talkin about
tryin to get what i can and bounce
but it aint even like that
(aint no play)
but that aint the case at all
i really feel for ya

i know you thinkin imma playa
that imma love you
then say see ya lata
but baby i wouldnt eva do ya wrong
cause i aint no playa shawty

i aint a playa girl
ill neva do ya dirty
its u thats on ma mind
all the time
late to early
i know these broads tryna holla
but its not them that i wanna get wit
its only this girl jordan
yeah she the finest,
the flyest that i eva met
she got me feelin
a feelin that i aint neva felt
not just under ma belt
but in ma chest
butterflys in ma stomach too
got me losin rest
now i aint the nervous type
but you got my body tremblin'
thinkin its the cold
thats got me shakin
but it isnt
im trippen
you got me so sprung,
Im stumblin
cant speak like im grilled up
im all mumblin
tumblin ma words
i know this sounds absurd
i know we just met
but how im feelin is fa sho
so i wanna get to know ya
cause what i know i like
so girl be rest assured
that what im sayin aint a lie
cause i aint a playa


a lot a folks sayin this an that bout me
its just a misconseption
dont believe what you dont see
girl i aint out there
chansin chicks an all that
you the only one im thinkin bout
and thats a fact
im tryin to build somethin
cause i see you worth while
girl you could make ma day
simply by your perfect smile
you got the softest skin
that i eva seen an touched
i made the greatest find
it must have been pure luck
i look forward to the calls,
long converstations
up late talkin,
watchin the same station
and when im with ya
im anxious for the next vistit
*man* i can neva get enough
girl you so exquiset

girl you got me
goin crazy
never knew i could feel this way
girl you so off the chain
you got me goin insane
dont gotta worry
cuz i aint bout playin games


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