Brighten - why oh why Lyrics

She sees blue and red
on the crown she wears upon her head
"I love you" he said
her husband she recently wed

she dreams this while
shes wide awake counting
her dimond rings
she has one for every
day of the week
birds are dancing why she sings
oh her dreamlife it is so unique

and i hope this stops
for her own sake

and if you could make this happen
i would not be surprised
make life what i'm dreaming
all in just one night
then why oh why cant I?

golden yellow skies
an image of her in my eyes
growing trees and fire flies
and answers to the question why

people twice my size
an all the times for second tries
we heard you on the radio
oh, it feels so good just to let go

and if you could make the oceans
and live above the sky
wake the sun for morning
and light the moon at night
then why oh why cant I?
then why oh why cant I?
Thanks to lemonlova93

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