American Hybrid - Lost Sight Lyrics

Darkness may be the cause' of my misery
Havok may never need chivalry
For we have lost sight
Sight of the World!
Sight of our senses!
Sight of independence!
We have lost sight of ourselves
Becoming a drone
Without a mind of its own
Wanting to be accepted!
Yearning for attention!
We are a unique Spiral
looking for others praise
aiming for the top of tha world!
only to fall back down
We are no longer able to be called "human"
For we are a drone of attention
A spiral drone!
That has lost sight
An average drone!
That may be gone
if we are to live
yet always to fail
in vein we'll say
"yes! we have lost sight!
singing to midnless drones
yes we have failed
and if we are to live!
never to live a life of our own
and if we die!
it will be the same!
always the same!
if we are the same!
we shall never die"
as the cat replies
"you are not dead
for if you were
as if you were
you would not be
not be yourself
for you were originally dead to thine earth"
if you would open your eyes!
open your eyes to reality!
we would no longer
no longer be
a mindless drone that is
lost sight to our own world!
lost sight in our own world!
lost sight in our own minds!
lost to the earth!
lost to our senses!
lost forever!
crying is a surrender!
from the body to tha heart!
is fashioned with an angelic face!
if you should see!
always to see!
come to your senses!
and see how lost we are......

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