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American Hybrid - Death To A Dying Man Lyrics

What is death to a dying man?
Does he see redemption?
What is death to the living?
A constant fear, an escape from the world?

"As i lie here"
The dying man says
"I leave behind a legacy,
That soon may be forgotten."

"What lies beyond?"
The young man asks.
"Beyond the simple worries of life?
What legacy will i leave behind?"

The People long since gone away,
Speak comfort to the dying man,
"Let go of your worries,
The problems of this world are no longer yours."

But to the young man, the words are silent,
Silent as the grave he fears,
Imagining with wondering eyes,
What lies beyond his mortal sight?

For what lies beyond the grave?
Only seeing through Death's eyes,
Does the world beyond reveal to us,
What truly our lives reflect.

And so the dying man,
Rose again, and with his dying breath,
He blessed the life for all behind,
And ventured into the light.

And the young man, by his side,
Wept, for he did not know,
Where the Father he loved so had gone,
Far beyond his mortal sight,

And through the eyes of Death.

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