CARPENTERS - Only Yesterday Lyrics

After long enough of being aloneEveryone must face their share of lonelinessIn my own time nobody knewThe pain I was goin' throughAnd waitin' was all my heart could doHope was all I had until you cameMaybe you can't see how much you mean to meYou were the dawn breaking the nightThe promise of morning lightFiling the world surrounding meWhen I hold you(*) baby, babyFeels like maybe things will be all rightBaby, babyYour love's made meFree as a song singin' forever(**) only yesterday when I was sadAnd I was lonelyYou showed me the way to leaveThe past and all it's tears behind meTomorrow may be even brighter than todaySince I threw my sadness awayOnly yesterdayI have found my home here in your armsNowhere else on earth I'd really rather beLife waits for usShare it with meThe best is about to beSo much is left for us to seeWhen I hold youRepeat (*)Repeat (**) twice

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