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Freestyle - Take A Little Time Lyrics

We've been together so long
and you know that I just can't pretend.
I think it's time to take this thing a little further-
be more than just friends.

Don't you know that when I'm alone,
girl, I can't help but notice
it's you who's always on my mind.
You might say you're afraid
but girl we've got it made.
There's just no reason not to try.

So just take a little time to think
about the way we've been.
You know it comes so naturally.
You know I've never ever felt this way before
'bout anybody else
and you say -- feel the same way for me
So just take a little time to think about
how things could be
so much more and girl I believe
that if you take a little time to think about it -
I know that you will see.
That I'm for you and you're for me.

I can't explain how I feel when you're near me.
I can't even start.
It's just the way that we fit.
Now I've got to admit,
you've completely taken over my heart.

And when I'm down and I'm lonely
Girl, you are the only one
who keeps me going on
And this feeling inside
oh girl, i can't deny it.
I really think that we belong.


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