Britney Spears - Anticipating Lyrics

Top down on the strip
Lookin' in the mirror and I'm checking out my lipstick
girlfriends up in the back we're out for a an all night

Feelin' so crazy cool
vibes so right, wonder what they're ready for
Now leave baby heres the key
We're about to step inside

Skip all the drinks head to the floor
Makin' my way yeah that's for sure
My body's takin over and I want some more Woah yeah yeah

I've been anticipating
This is our song they're playing
i wanna rock with you
this feeling is right
Lets do this tonight

Step up baby don't be shy
I know you're feelin me cuz you're giving me the eye
And I don't wanna play around
Baby watch me move

Thanks to bridget for these lyrics

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