Cat Mother And The All Night - Greenwood Shuffle Lyrics

It don't take too much money,
To get me back on my feet.
And it don't take a lot of honey,
Mmm, I say it makes me feel a-kinda sweet.
And I tried hard not to hurt nobody,
You know i wouldn't be like that.
Now you know me,
And you know just where I am.
Say, hey yay yeah.

Yes I know, that you had trouble,
I can tell by the way you walk.
So if you need me, down by the river
And we can get together and talk.

And if you've got some sunshune,
Say, won't you bring it down.
Now, you know me,
Baby, we can mess around, round, round.
And I said a-hey, hey, hey, hey.

And I said just a-hold me tight,
Baby, don't let go.
And I'll tell you what we're gonna do,
We're gonna take ourselves a little trip,
Down to the city,
Just to find out what's really really new.

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