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Archers New Rivals - Holding Timebombs Like Babies Lyrics

You will regret everything you said, I know you will, I know you well
I can see right through you, like broken shattered glass
Still holding on to the blood left from your wrist.
And I know its not alright, and you cover up so very well
And I am all to blame, this time.
Youre not my angel, (youre a shooting star thats falling through the sky)
Ill watch you fall. (and this waste of you is going to burn, burn, burn tonight)
Tonight, you die (Ill watch you die)
I want to watch you burn, and watch your eyes fall out, youre not my angel
Youre not my angel, youre a time bomb tonight
You consume me with all the things you say
You control me with all the games you play (did you really mean all the fucked up things you said)
This knife is cutting through, ripping through my veins
This blood thats pumping out, is going to take away the pain
I hope you fall

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