Tree - 2Faced Lyrics

False, Fake, You're fucking 2faced
Fake motherfuckers try to fade me
So you think you have it made in the shade
Cuz now you're getting paid yeah now you're getting laid
You're making ducats by the buckets
But I say fuck it, you're just another puppet
You're a puppet but who pulls the strings
When you're up on the stage and you dance sing
I'm coming on the level
You're dancing with the devil
Just to play the role you'd sell your very soul
Fake motherfuckers try to fade me, fake motherfuckers are gonna fade
Your whole culture circles like a vulture in the skies
Believing all the lies that are televised
A whole nation hypnotized
You live your life like a T.V. show
You don't even know you're a traitor
Chalk up another fake motherfucker
Don't be a believer in the system or the leaders
Because it should come as no surprise
A smile in disguise, the Government lies
A forked tongue on everyone that runs
Make no mistake the politicians are fake
But listen up! Here's the real deal
Never ever fake what you feel
I'll never ever fake what I feel

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