Real Be Easys - Maniac Lyrics

I love it when you talk to me, you take a walk with me,
I’m like a dog baby now come embark with me,
Your kind of misleading with your wackity reasons,
I ain’t talking about treason but I’m trying to believe you,
You put a little makeup on, listen to a dirty song,
Say you want to be alone, take the ringer off the phone,
Just cause you’re my friend don’t mean we can’t bone.
Maybe in another life, maybe if I say it twice, maybe if I roll the dice.

Who you think you’re talking to,
Are you talking to me,
He’s got your number,
He’s got your number.

One thing that I know for sure,
Every body’s got clothes in their underwear drawer,
Or their closet or in a locket,
Or in the fifth pocket if you got it I can hock it.

I can’t keep up with all this, the stuff that keeps you honest,
The lions and the hornets, we all run through the forest,
And we’re all dressed in orange, the color of our courage,
As we walk through the forest,
the lions and the hornets

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