To Elysium - In Collision Lyrics

[This one I wrote in an early stage for the band. It's merely an atmosphere, discribing overwhelming powers. Actually there is not much to it, it just sounds good. I bear a certain pride in this kind of pennery, but I pretty shure I won't write anything comparable to this, sorry.]

Souls to planets
Planets to the eternal
A universe unfolded
A galaxy torn
A restless vacant emptiness engages
Unknown worlds in collision

Through the starsystems I've travelled so long
That I lost my soul somewhere among the stars
In trance-sentient planetary emptiness
Future astral displacement

Scream sweet melody
To dream
Dream this tragedy with me

To swarm the earth below
Discovering dimensions behind
Where I am stranded
A lifetime long

Abort the universal womb of species
Life to ashes
Ashes to the air
Modern plagues bend the zones of time
Wandering the astral kingdom

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