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CELINE DION - The Last To Know Lyrics

Let me be the first to say . . .Ain't it always so? But there's no other way to find outWhat I need to knowIt's not that I don't think you careIt's what you haven't saidThat keeps me guessing day and nightPutting visions in my headDon't let me be the lastIf you thought of leaving would you tell me? Don't let me be the lastIf the truth would hurt would you lie? Don't keep it to yourself for my protectionBreak it to me nowDon't let me be the lastIf there's anything you want to tell meDon't let me be the lastLike you're never gonna let me goBaby, all I askDon't let me be the last to knowYou know how a friend will talkA secret's hard to keepBut this girl she says you're seeingSure sounds a lot like meStill it's not for me to sayIf what I heard is trueAnd I won't let myself believe a wordTill I here it from you

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