CELINE DION - Any Other Way Lyrics

Sorry I know I'm lateGuess I lost all track of timeStarted walking and couldn't stop turning it over in my mindTrying to make some sense of itTrying to make the pieces fitI thought I covered my tracks so wellBut now he says he knew about it from the startYeah he knew about us all along ...If there was any other wayDon't you think I've tried to find itDon't you think I want to stayIf there was any other way loveThere's no way out of thisThere just ain't any other way ...Maybe I'd better be leaving nowBut there's something I want you to understand before I goSometimes we don't have a choice when we play and break the rulesI just had to see you darlin', one more timeIf only just to say good bye'cos he knew about us all the timeI never wanted to be like thisI never meant to get seriousBut now the thought of losing youTakes some getting used to

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