CELINE DION - Seduces Me Lyrics

Everything you areEverything you'll beTouches the current of loveSo deep in meEvery sigh in the nightEvery tear that you crySeduces meAll that I amAll that I'll beMeans nothing at allIf you can't be with meYour most innocent kissOr your sweetest caressSeduces meI don't care about tomorrowI've given up on yesterdayHere and now is all that mattersRight here with you is where I'll stayEverything in this worldEvery voice in the nightEvery little thing of beautyComes shining thru in your eyesAnd all that is you becomes part of me too'cause all you do seduces meAnd if I should die tomorrowI'd go down with a smile on my faceI thank God I've ever known youI fall down on my kneesFor all the love we've madeEvery sigh in the nightEvery tear that you crySeduces me seduces meAll that you do , , , .. seduces me

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