Ira Losco - Shine Lyrics

Yesterday is mine
Tomorrow I don't know
Every day ‘s a new beginning
Every hour breeds some hope

Today is all I have
And I'm giving it to you
It's the taste of lasting sweetness
It's the symbol of my faith

And you're gonna shine
Through the dark you are the light
Through this universe of mine
Yeah, you're gonna shine
A ray of light beyond belief
Through the highway of my soul

You're so safe inside my heart
There's no need to look for more
It's a heart that won't stop beating
It's the seed of love and hope

Like a circle we go round
Through the journey of our life
Moving on to new horizons
High enough to touch the sky


You're the music in my voice
You're the wings that lift my heart
You're the current in my touch
Oh! You're the dream that never dies

You're the passion in my veins
You're my shelter in the rain
You're the wisdom in my mind
Oh! You're the spark that lights my smile

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