Ira Losco - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

At the bus stop, i saw you waiting
You were dressed up, just a little too much
You looked ok but, so frustrated
When you just wanna touch i need you
All over me, i feel like rolling around
In the streets, everywhere, anywhere Oh Oh

Better stop cause you're driving me crazy
Get going cause i'm no lady
I dunno maybe nobody told ya
I'm just an ordinary girl
Better off never keeping me waiting
I'm no fool I'm not your baby
Gotta know what you want in this world
I'm an ordinary girl

I dunno what you, You've been use to
Maybe you want someone else whose
A little girl who's just content to

Fall over you
Laugh at all the stupid things you do
But i'm not that way


I don't think i can stay for long
And i'm sick of hanging around
So would you like to help me to understand you now
I try to let you know
That i hated on my own
oh no No but i'm still waiting


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