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Ira Losco - Reaching Higher Lyrics

Every moment that shines through our life
Gives us power to be who we are
Reaching higher achieving our goals
It's the fuel, that lights up our soul

Every nation, the big and the small
Are united in love and in sport
We are living this life to the core
Always giving a little bit more

Reaching higher
we can touch all our dreams
This desire
to believe and achieve
One voice. .. One choice…
to win at this game
Reaching higher…..
to light up this flame

Every journey of hope we go through
Makes us wonder if we'll win or lose
Go the distance, and never look back
Fate will put us on the right track

And this moment, it's yours and it's mine
Let us hold it, forever in time
Feel the passion that flows through our heart
It's the prize for doing our part

(Rpt chorus)

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