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Ira Losco - Don't Wanna Talk About It Lyrics

I'm giving up I'm giving in

This is a battle that i can't win

Times running out loves running off

Everything's slowly withering

Away loves running off away from me

You're right by my side

My hands are tied

I can't make you change your mind

And my heart's paying the price off falling

And i don't wanna talk about it

I'm all out of words

There's nothing left thinking we both have it there

I don't even wanna go there i just want out

I've made up my mind

Cleared all the doubts

Cause i'm stuck on a one way street

Making it impossible for us to meet

So i don't wanna talk about it

No i don't wanna talk

Learning to stand Learning to walk

Learning to live all over

Again trying my wings again and though

I'm right by your side

But your hands are tied

You can't make me change my mind

And our hearts' paid the price of falling


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