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CELINE DION - The Power Of Love Lyrics

The whispers in the morningOf lovers sleeping tightAre rolling like thunder nowAs I look in your eyesI hold on to your bodyAnd feel each move you makeYour voice is warm and tenderA love that I could not forsake(first chorus)'cause I am your ladyAnd you are my manWhenever you reach for meI'll do all that I canLost is how I'm feeling lying in your armsWhen the world outside's tooMuch to takeThat all ends when I'm with youEven though there may be timesIt seems I'm far awayNever wonder where I am'cause I am always by your side(repeat first chorus)(second chorus)We're heading for somethingSomewhere I've never beenSometimes I am frightenedBut I'm ready to learnOf the power of loveThe sound of your heart beatingMade it clearSuddenly the feeling that I can't go onIs light years away(repeat first chorus)(repeat second chorus)

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2010-09-01 22:49:10 by Dilele
all time tripping song.