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CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Don't Make Me Love You Lyrics

(from next best thing ost)1 - don't make me love you till I'm readyDon't make me give you more than my kissesI need you to go slow and steadyDon't make me love you till I'm readyOh, why you wanna rush into my lifeDon't you wanna stop and get to know me betterWe got all the time in the world tonightAnd if we're meant to be we'll be together, hmmStay around just slow it downTill we find out if we got what it takesRepeat 1Everything I know about you so farMakes me believe that you're the one for meBut there's still a lot that's on my mindAnd I need time before we go furtherDon't you see? So hold me, hold meBut don't be thinking I don't want you tooRepeat 1 (2x)It's been a little bit of a mysteryLet's wait till we have a bit of historyBehind ourselves ooh yeahYou don't got to be in such a rushWe can live for the moment if we trustWe'll be right here tomorrow, oh yeahDon't make me love you, love youDon't make me give you, uh, uhI need you to go ooh yeahDon't make me love you, uh, uh, oh yeahRepeat 1 till end

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